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School of life

As we are heading back to school, or sending our kids, let's not forget that the main school is this life.

Here are some of the lessons I wish I've learnt earlier in my life:

- Take responsibility for your life. No one is out to get you, no one is to blame, no one is to praise, You and only You are creating your life, consciously or unconsciously. You and only you are responsible for how you choose to respond to life. Master your response-ability.

-Surround yourself with the right people, those that inspire and support you, and those that will honestly and kindly tell you when you are messing up.

-"We don't need to think alike to love alike ". Be open to talking with people who have different opinions than your own. Expand your world view, to challenge your own way of thinking, get to know the world!

-Allow time for contemplation, get bored, slow down! Consumerism isn't only about material things, knowledge and information can also be mindlessly consumed.

-There are no failures in life- only experiences. And every challenge is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to evolve.

-Be impeccable with your words! Get familiar with the way you speak, your vocabulary and notice where you might be limiting yourself, or programing yourself by using the words that do not align with the highest best plan for you!

-Learn how to regulate and sooth yourself. This goes back to your response-ability.

Some of my most favorite modalities is eft tapping, breathing, and heart brain coherence.

-Always have beginner's mind no mater how masterful and skillful you think you.

Not only it allows you to fully enjoy and be open to any experience but it also lowers your expectation and leaves room for Life to surprise you.

-Change your behavior to change your mind! Change your mind to change your life!

No matter how big or small the change you are seeking is, there are many ways to approach this. You can start by brushing your teeth with a different hand, taking a different route to work, trying experiences you'd never think you'd do, like skydiving or shooting range, changing a haircut, your style or even a place where you live. Or you can also cultivate change by systematically and consistently practicing mental rehearsal, meditation and visualization with elevated emotion.

-Try softer! Life isn't meant to be hard. We do not need to earn or deserve anything. We are all born worthy! We are innately equipped with everything to be thriving and happy. Sometimes we just need to remember our nature and allow it to take its course!

Take care of yourself. Learn how to eat, sleep and exercise in the best way to support your beautiful vessel.

Pay attention to the world. It is always speaking with you! Sometimes it is through signs, other people but most often it is through your own heart!

Learn how to hear your heart!

Get to know yourself!

Be kind to yourself and to others!

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