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Kitchen Essentials I can't live without!

From small tools to large equipment pieces, these items are must-haves in my kitchen.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon and earn small commission if you shop through my links.

Blender is probably the most essential tool, especially in a raw kitchen. You can use it make smoothies, purées, soups, salad dressings, desserts and such.

Depending on the volume of your cooking, and your budget, the more powerful the blender the better.

This Ninja SS401 combines a power blender and a food processing in 1, with 7 different functions. I love it for its durability and versatile nature. Perfect for when you have limited space in your kitchen!

Vitamix Explorian Blender is probably one of the best blenders out there, super powerful, easy to use, and clean, makes everything super smooth. This is my blender of choice!

If you have the budget and/or a professional, I recommend investing in Blendtec. It's the sound enclosure that wins my heart in this device. I guess you can always work in these sound proof headphones too.

Food processor is also important for chopping up harder things like veggies, nuts, and to make cake crusts. This 14 cup Cuisinart food processor is perfect for big batch cooking.

No matter what you are making you need a good set of mixing bowls. I am not a big fan of any type of plastic near my food, and prefer Stainless Steal bowls from Cuisinart.

JoyJolt Kitchen Glass Mixing Bowls is also a great options for plastic free kitchen wear. Both of these options are stackable and come with lids so they can be used for mixing and for storing food. And for eating I love my Wooden Woven Salad Bowl, and this one I use for special occasions- that cherry finish is supreme.

Irreplaceable in any (raw) kitchen is a spiralizer, to add versatility to your veggies. This one is super strong.

Of course you gotta chop those veggies on something too. Bamboo Cutting Boards are my go-to.

Regardless if you are raw, having a good dehydrator is great in any kitchen. You can utilize the most of your veggies, make fruit roll ups, seed crackers, meat or mushroom jerky, dry herbs, and even warm up food (cuz microwave is poison). I use Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine, it's a more affordable option but also has less room.

For any kitchen you'll need a good tea kettle for making herb infusions, tisane or tea. I absolutely love Bella pro kettle and tea maker, and this ceramic kettle is absolutely perfect and cute, too.

Since we are on the topic of tea, a good water filtration system is crucial for your wellbeing.

I have been using AquaTru - Countertop Water Filtration Purification System with Exclusive 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology for years now and would recommend 10 out of 5. It's countertop, so no installation required, plus they even got an Alkaline filter now.

If you still drinking tap water, please take a look at this website, search by your zip code and check what kind of poison is in your tap water.

I cook my food by either baking, or sous vide- a low temperature slow water cooking. This precision cooker is the king in my kitchen. All you gotta do is season your food, place it in the bag and in the container with water, and go about your business. It will turn off when the cooking time is up. Everything that come out of it is the juiciest and most tender, from meats to eggs!

Once in a while, especially on the days I fast I juice, although I prefer chewing my food, it is also healthier that way. I use Breville Juicer and this stainless steal squeezer for my lemon and limes.

These wooden utensils are irreplaceable in my home.

And of course any chef needs a good knife. Japanese know their knives best. Btw this is also a perfect gift for the father in your life who loves to cook.

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Comment and let me know what other guides you'd like to see!

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