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Glossary of terms and ingredients:

Fermented cashews, used in most raw cheesecake recipes.

Fermentation is the process of introducing healthful cultures (probiotics, bacteria, and sometimes yeasts) into vegetables, seeds, or nuts, and letting them naturally ferment the food to create a probiotic bomb that will propagate healthful intestinal flora.

Fermentation in case of nuts (in raw vegan cheeses) make the oils readily available and easily digestible for the body. It also eats up all inorganic salts (turning them into organic minerals), and simple carbohydrates (such as sugars).

Probiotics assist the body’s naturally occurring bacteria to reestablish themselves.

Regularly consuming fermented foods as part of ones diet is widely known to have powerful anti-aging properties, and keep the immune system strong enough to ward off diseases.

We use high-quality L. acidophilus probiotic to ferment our cashews.

L. acidophilus is a specific probiotic strain from the Lactobacillus genus. Lactobacilli are generally known to support digestion, enhance the immune system, and reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal disorders. Lactobacillus acidophilus, one of the most well-known probiotic species, has been studied for its multi-mechanistic role in human health and has been linked to pathways associated with immunity, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol metabolism, and more. Read more about benefit of probiotics here .

Activated nuts

Activating nuts just means soaking them in water for long periods of time, like 7-12 hours.

Grains, flour, legumes, nuts, and seeds all have a protective coating. This coating inhibits the absorption of nutrients and can often cause inflammation.

For optimal absorption of nutrients, it is important to soak all grains, flours, legumes, nuts, and seeds prior to cooking.There are a few reasons people activate nuts, legumes and grains: a) it can reduce phytates, b) thereby increasing bioavailability of nutrients within these foods, and c) the foods can be gentler on the digestive system.

Soaking nuts activates their nutrient value and helps you digest them better!

We activate all nuts used in our recipes.


In our kitchen we don't use highly processed GMO white sugar. We prefer alternatives that are not only harmless but offer some benefits as well:



Monk Fruit


Raw Honey

Coconut sugar

Maple Syrup

We do not use agave as it is 70-90% fructose, which doesn’t spike insulin as quickly as glucose because your body doesn’t immediately recognize fructose as sugar. But fructose goes to your liver and causes fat accumulation there, damaging your liver and causing inflammation and free radical damage in a way glucose does not. (

Avocado is loaded with nutrients and dietary fiber.

Coconut Meat contains medium chain triglycerides which are a class of fatty acids. Medium chain triglycerides are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger contains gingerol which is a polyphenol. Gingerol reduces inflammation and improves digestion.

Pumpkin contains Vitamin A (beta-carotene) which is a carotenoid. Beta-carotene is a precursor for Vitamin A. It has been reported that beta-carotene can enhance cell proliferation and defend against infection.

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