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Dear friends, clients, free people of the free world,

Most of you know that I am a proud Ukrainian, and a proud American too. My life has led me to the USA 15 years ago, and this country has become my home, but my Motherland is and has always been Ukraine and my family is still in Ukraine. I am blessed to have an opportunityto bring my sister and her kids here. They are finally shaking off the horrors they experienced in Ukraine and regaining their inner peace. But my mother is still in Ukraine, in Chernihiv region to be exact. Some of you may have heard this name in the news recently. The city has been one of the epicenters of this war. Many of my college friends and their families are still there. They are all safe, as much as it is possible right now.

On 24th of February, at 5AM Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of an independent, sovereign Ukraine and a genocide of free, peaceful Ukrainian people.

It has been a month of resistance of the Ukrainian people- courages soldiers on the ground, brave people hiding in bomb shelters, fearless mothers and children seeking safety abroad,  proud diaspora all over the world giving Ukrainians a voice. This resistance has become a staple of patriotism and courage. The bravery and camaraderie of Ukrainians are inspiring people to unite and to take action all over the world.

The scale of this invasion- thousands of missiles launched, tanks, artillery deployed, weaponry banned by the Geneva Convention used - has been similar to what Europe saw 75 years ago… and said “never again”, but yet Ukrainian cities are being wiped out of the face ofthe earth, horribly, together with Ukrainians left in those cities… More than 1000 people including 78 children, officially, have been killed, but in reality these numbers are much higher. Thousands have died in Mariupol from hunger, dehydration, and cold. Every day the consequences of this brutal invasion of Ukraine, and genocide of its people are becoming more and more devastating. Russian troops are destroying our cities- shelling schools (school my nephews go to is one of those), hospitals, museums, churches… Russian soldieriesare committing war crimes: raping our women, abducting children, killing people seeking refuge, capturing humanitarian aid, looting our homes. There is no limit to Russia’s evil.

But Ukraine is holding on bravely! Unfortunately, at the cost of thousands of lives, at the cost of destroyed cities, at the cost of almost ten million refugees.

Ukraine never wanted this war and does not want to fight for years. We just want to save our people. We just want to survive! Like any nation, we have a right to it- the right to live.

Today, Ukraine and its citizens need the support of the people of the free world! My classmates and friends have united to defend their cities, their families, their parents and children. These courages men and women are protecting their homes.

And while, there is a tremendous humanitarian help coming from all over the world, those in Ukraine still need your help. Today, there is a need for medical supplies, medicine, tools, and protective gear. My sister and I are creating our own chain of help- directly to people we knowin Ukraine: somer require medicine, others require tools, and some need money for food.

Below are the ways you can donate, if you wish so:


For larger donations, and those who’d like to receive a tax deduction you can write a check toGlobal Education Ambassadors and send it to Tetiana Podoliako 3110 Mount Vernon Ave, Apt 340, Alexandria, VA, 22305.

Venmo: @TetianaPodoliako (please, make a note this is for Ukraine).

Both of my businesses, Rawfully Delish and Fluffness, are still operating and my profits made from these businesses will be used to support Ukrainian people as well.

Please, keep Ukraine, my family and me, and Ukrainian people in your prayers!

Love and Peace will prevail! Slava Ukraine!

Tetiana Podoliako.

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