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Ever since I was a kid, cooking has been a passion of mine. Both my parents are chefs: my mother by profession, and my father by passion. Growing up in rural Ukraine, most of our food came from the kitchen garden. What a joy it was to pick our own crisp veggies and greens, sweet berries by the handful, climb the trees for those ripe apples, and sometimes even break a sweat digging out potatoes. The magical process of turning it all into a meal for the whole family, lovingly alchemizing it all into nourishment and then enjoying it together- that's what food should be about- nourishment, connection, love. 

With 15 years of experience working with the best chefs, and in the best kitchens and restaurants, learning from some of the most sought after talents, creating Rawfully Delish desserts, overcoming my own challenge with disordered eating, remembering my love and connection to food, I know first hand how important it is to cultivate a skill of healthy cooking, and I am honored to share this knowledge with you! 

Let's get cooking!

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