A rawfully good story

     One of the things I love about being an adult is having dessert whenever I want. For me, dessert has always been a priority when it comes to food. Recently, my lifestyle and eating habits have changed drastically. I became more aware of the benefit or damage certain foods have on my body and mind. I became more conscious about what I put in/on my body. With that awareness came a desire for healthier and nourishing dessert. I didn't want to feel guilty every time I ate dessert, but I also didn't want to restrict myself of something I enjoy greatly.

     On one of my trips to my home country Ukraine, the idea of Rawfully Delish appeared. You can read full story here. In short, I tried for the first time a raw plant-based, and guilt-free cake. That cake happened to be Avocado Lime Tart. It was was light, refreshing and so delicious. I felt so impressed by the flavors, and the textures but most importantly by how good it made me feel- whole, inspired and uplifted.

     Upon my return to the states, extensive research and training, I was able to create recipes of gourmet cheesecakes, nutrient-dense truffles, velvety cakes, and treats that are good-for-you. Activated nuts, seasonal berries and fruits, low-glycemic sweeteners and absence of gluten and lactose mean that these sweets can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Rawfully Delish! is a great dessert option, regardless of your dietary regimen or preference. 

I believe “we are what we eat”, and that dessert no longer has to be a guilty pleasure, but an uplifting enjoyment!

     Every Rawfully Delish dessert is consciously created and lovingly made with the highest quality ingredients to nourish your body, mind and soul!



Tatiana Podoliako, Rawfully Delish