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A rawfully good story

...being written. In the meantime, enjoy some fun facts about me.

I am proud and loud Ukrainian. Support Ukrainian people in our fight for freedom! If donating, please use your discernment, or mine and donate to Prytula Foundation.

I am also a proud American- 16 years in the country.

Rawfully Delish is my ikigai. 

Cooking is my passion, and taste is how I experience the world. 

RD is my second biz. In 2016 I founded Fluffness, a local gourmet cotton candy boutique, and recently sold it.

I am an avid soul activist. I believe we are spiritual beings having human experience, and we are here to remember our true nature-love and divinity, and experience life in all of its many expressions.

I am a MG in HD (if you know, you know), Cancer sun, Virgo rising, and Gemini moon.

I have many hobbies: painting, hiking, and recently picked up singing, just to name a few.

I worship sun, and whenever possible watch sunrise and/or sunset. 

My motto: live ever-expanding life in joy, on purpose, create from the heart, and lead with love. 

Love, Tetiana.

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