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A rawfully good story

One of the things I love about being an adult is having dessert whenever I want. However, with that power comes great responsibility and it is near-impossible

shake my Mother’s (all Mother’s?) teachings that dessert is to be enjoyed as a treat after a meal, never before, and is never the meal in and of itself. Rawfully Delish! came about when I was looking for guilt-free alternatives to cake. For me, dessert has always been a priority when it comes to meals. In recent years, my lifestyle and eating habits have changed drastically. I believe that raw, nutrient-rich, foods will improve both my physical and mental health. There’s a reason people say “you are what you eat”. The more I researched it, the positive benefits of eating raw could not be ignored. I would have more energy, fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, healthier skin, weight stability, less anxiety, and better sleep habits (to name a few!). But where is the dessert in all of this? The options are limited and all of them are loaded with ingredients I can’t pronounce and side effects that won’t do me any good. I started experimenting with different ingredients, looking to create cakes that are actually good for me and by using only raw ingredients, I am able to make cakes that are actually healthy! Activated nuts, seasonal berries and fruits, low-glycemic sweeteners, and an absence of gluten and lactose mean that  these cakes can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Rawfully Delish! is a great dessert alternative for people with diabetes, pregnant women, and kids of all ages. But most importantly, we make a dessert that you would be proud to tell your Mom you had BEFORE dinner ;)